4 LinkedIn tips that will enable you to improve your career

Written by Lior Zoref Date 16/3/2015 Time 13:44

https://www.flickr.com/photos/jurgenappelo/7749079740/in/photolist-cNL4r7-4vdGSp-9M26Jg-7RD8PQ-dQuDXo-5nhLot-dYGGKt-9dMEw9-6wGGg9-gVskFY-dQp4Xr-aBNv9m-r9uVnA-rr5oai-quhVzB-r7L2JK-qu5NMd-r9uUgh-rr5n4R-r9CmU4-r9uTQs-r7L1Sp-qu5MGC-qu5MCj-r9vUJG-rqZ1Jj-r9CkGe-9D6Ps8-6BNKeN-n2HCV-6LXcjN-8QaTgm-8Q7Mti-dqxoFv-6LRUM8-ahEZH8-r7PEYi-82EA7f-8KJJgT-8QaSYo-9D6QjF-9D6QfR-9D6QbF-9D6Q8x-9D9K5j-9D9K2J-9D9JZh-9D6PZp-9D9JVm-arq76AI admit that I was not a huge LinkedIn fan until two years ago.

Then, while writing my book, I started to experiment and learn how LinkedIn can be a platform for crowdsourcing.

I would like to share with you what I learned: 4 LinkedIn tips to improve our career.

In the past months, I am planning the US book launch. LinkedIn became one of the most useful tools for me.

This is what I learned.


1. Smart Search

Whenever you look for new business opportunities, finding the right contact persons is key.

When you search for a company in LinkedIn (at the top bar), you have an 'advanced' button. When you click on it, you see many options to refine your search. You can specify the company you are interested in, a specific location (for example of their HQ).  

Then then come the secret ingredient: keywords.

I was looking for Israelis in each company. Therefore, I just wrote 'Israel' in the keyword.

The result is that anyone who studies in an Israeli university or had a past job in Israel will appear in the results.

Many people replied to me that way! I was invited to speak at TripAdvisor, AirBNB and LinkedIn using this simple method.

You can see the full list of places I'm about to visit at this link. If you wish to help and introduce me to more organizations, feel free to contact me.


2. Sending an email to anyone

After finding the contact persons in each organization, the next challenge was how to reach them. LinkedIn does not tell you what their email address is and they might not approve your connection request.

InMail is a paid feature (starting 25$ a month) which allows you to send a message to almost anyone on LinkedIn.

When you sign to LinkedIn Premium, you can try it one month for free and then cancel if you didn't find value in it.

In addition, when you join many LinkedIn Groups, you can write directly to any contact within those groups without having a Premium account.


3. The Power of Groups

The most powerful place in LinkedIn is Groups. Groups allows you to crowdsource and ask questions (In my book I share this process in details).

I created a list of the most popular LinkedIn groups that can help you out.

Here's the link to this list.


4. Your Profile

This is basic stuff but still many people make mistakes when it comes to their profile. Here are some tips about creating a killer profile:

Go beyond your standard title. For example, you can add a few words about your passion.

Make sure to add your volunteer experience. People always prefer doing business with someone who is not only professional but also a good person.

Don't be shy about your experience (but make sure you keep it authentic). Add videos/pictures.

Add as many connections as you can.

Check for typos and make sure you have a nice professional photo of yourself.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool, not only for those who look for a new job. It's a great place for crowdsourcing and finding new business opportunities.

And if we're not connected, here's a link to my profile :)

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