ארכיון קטגוריית: ‘TED’

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Thank you all for your kind words. I’m so happy that my TED talk touched so many people.

My TED talk is not published yet on ted.com. I’ll post an update when it’s there.


















I’m so honored. I’ll cherish this moment for the rest of my life…


Thank you so much!

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imageThis is my final post before TED.

I will tell you more about the schedule later on, but first – a warning, a confession.

Children have an attribute which disappears with time. It’s called excitement.

Once, while walking down the street with our daughter Maya (she was 3 years old at the time), an elderly man passed by, as he approached us she yelled out "Daddy, look, it’s a bald man!"

As adults, our level of excitement is just not the same. However, I am still a child at heart when it comes to "excitement". My daily conversations are filled with exciting descriptive words, such as wow, amazing, and awesome. That’s me, that is the way I am. I am like a little kid in a candy store!

Why am I telling you this? Why am I warning you? Let’s just say, that I will probably say "Wow" more than a few times next week while I am at TED.

For those of you who are sensitive to over excitement, I suggest that you filter me out of your stream next week.

Here is my schedule for next week:

I fly to the USA on Friday night.

I’ll be spending a short, but yes exciting, weekend in Manhattan, and then I’ll be traveling to Long Beach, California.

Monday, February 27th, is the day before the TED talks start. On Monday I will have my first rehearsal; I will be meeting with all the speakers and will participate in a few master workshops.

On Tuesday, February 28th, TED begins.

My TED talk is on Wednesday February 29th, at about 14:30 PST.

Following are two days of TED talks filled with lectures and activities ending on March 2nd.

I promise to update my status as much as possible and keep you all in the loop, but I apologize in advance, I probably will not have time to respond due to the jam packed event schedule.

Many have asked me where they can watch my TED Talk live. Unfortunately the TED talks will not be available live for free. There is a Pay per View option via TED Live but prices are not cheap.

Thank you and TED … here I come!

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imageLately, I have been approached by a lot of wonderful people wishing me luck, offering their assistance, showing their interest and asking lots of questions.

It happens not only on Facebook but also in the supermarket, at the Cafe and even at the doctor’s office.

Here are a few recent insights from the last few days.

The ox experiment

One of the questions that I have been asked frequently is "So, Lior, how much does the ox weight?"

A lot of people fear how the results of the ox experiment at TED will manifest. Why? In this modern day era (as opposed to a hundred years ago) people are not used to seeing an ox, let alone estimate the weight of a particular ox!

A very well-known professor, who I admire greatly, told me to watch out! The original crowd wisdom experiment which took place 100 years ago was performed using an audience of professionals, who knew how to evaluate the weight of an ox.

Five days ago I published photos of the ox that will be on stage with me at TED.I asked you to evaluate it’s weight based only on the pictures.

I received 250 different and diverse answers ranging starting by 1/5 of the real weight up to 4 times more than the real weight!

I opened an excel sheet and with great anxiety calculated the average. I will not expose the actual weight here (I will do that during my TED talk), but when I saw the results, my heart missed a beat. The calculated average is less than 1 lbs away from the exact weight! Amazing isn’t it?

That is crowd wisdom. It works today just as it did 100 years ago in a little English village.

Quantity VS quality in crowd wisdom

Finding the weight of the ox is a question simply calculated. You ask the crowd a quantitative question and calculate the average. But if you ask an open question, one that has a qualitative answer, what is crowd wisdom?

There are two ways to do this:

a. A question where you are looking for collective insight. For example, when we need to make a decision with limited possibilities as answers, the collective insight comes from the answers repeated the most, the average is the majority.

b. A question where you are looking for a creative idea. For example, when I was looking for an example to explain the crowd wisdom theory one of the suggestions was to bring an ox on stage. That idea was one of a kind. It is not an average , calculated by the answers. In this case the use of crowd wisdom is like searching for gold. You have to dig through all the ideas to identify the creative ones. If you use Facebook, these ideas will probably stand out, by the "likes" from other people.

Crowd wisdom as a tool for motivation and inspiration.

This insight I gained only today after having a conversation with my friend Shmuel Merhav.

Beyond the wise ideas and the feedback I received, the crowd has given me much more than just wisdom, the most significant being encouragement and motivation.

You can call it crowd cheering.

It started the day I told my friends about my dream and how many of them told me "you are worthy and capable, go for it". For me, those responses were the catalyst in deciding to pursue my dream. The encouragement has continued, with lots of kind words, and as a result, is pushing me forward with an intensity that I have never felt before!

Think of a soccer or basketball team about to lose a game. Then, the crowd starts cheering loudly. Imagine what power and motivation it gives to the team.

That is what I get from you in digital form. You push me forward! It’s just as important as the smart ideas. You know what? It’s even more important.

Thank you.

(19 days to go)

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Here is Teddy, the ox that will be on stage with me during my TED talk, in order to demonstrate crowd wisdom live.

He has kept me awake during last two nights.

I am frightened… clip_image001

He’s HUGE!

I was thinking more about a baby ox, but the guys at TED do everything big clip_image003

To test how crowd wisdom works prior to my TED talk (and also to have a backup in case of a technical malfunction) I would appreciate it if you could take a good look at the ox and send your weight estimate. Thank you!

It is important to me, and essential for the experiment to work, that as many people as possible will participate (there is no need for personal identification). It will only take 10 seconds of your time.

So here he is, in all its glory, Teddy the Ox.




I will show Teddy and its real weight at the end of the talk (in 23 days, but who counts…)

If by any chance you are going to be at TED or knows someone who is, please don’t tell others about the ox. Let’s try to keep this a surprise :-)

please send your weight estimate here.

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imageMy TED talk is almost ready. Now it’s time to design the presentation and start rehearsing.

I’m glad to share with you the first draft of the designed presentation.

I have saved the slides as photos on facebook so you can feedback every slide by itself.

In addition, TED allows speakers to use the Shutterstock photos. If you have any ideas for other photos that can fit, you are more than welcome to search their collection and suggest your ideas.

For any idea that will be incorporated in to the presentation, I will add your name at the bottom of the slide :-)

Here is the link to the slides.

I’d love to get your feedback and ideas.

Many thanks  to Meital Chesner and Zohar Nativ Golan from Brando strategic branding studio for the help with the graphics. If you are looking for a design studio, they rock!

Thank you all!

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imageLately I’ve been learning in a whole new way.

In the past, when I was interested in learning about my area of interest, I would have put time and effort searching for sources to learn from. Starting with a search online, reading magazines, professional literature and looking for courses and specialists in the subject matter.

Today, I find myself learning in completely new way.

As you know, My research area is crowd wisdom.

Because you know this, many of you write to me and tell me about new studies, articles that relate to the subject and anything which in your opinion can teach me.

And so, I find myself almost every day with a new post on my facebook wall, a message on twitter or an e-mail from someone directing my attention to something I should learn.

For me this is a new way to learn. Instead of searching for the information, the information comes to me.

Here’s an example of an e-mail I got recently from the retired judge Avigdor Salton who has taught me the connection between crowd wisdom and the judiciary system in the USA:

From: Avigdor Salton
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 3:48 PM
To: Lior Zoref
Subject: Crowd Wisdom

Dear Mr. Zoref,

This morning I had seen channel 10 and so I got introduced to you and to TED.

On your site you had asked for proposals and comments, among others, to your TED talk.

Therefore, to support the idea of crowd wisdom I would like to take you to the legal world.

In states where the system is of judging with the aid of a Jury (such as England and USA), the basic idea is that the crowd (for our subject=the jury) is not less talented than a judge to test and determine facts (as opposed to determining the legal result of a professional judge who is familiar with the law which needs to be enacted on the concrete case), since a judge is a normal human being.

And so, the jury system still exists these days.

The Jewish American judge, Samuel Leibowitz, in the biographical book "Courtroom" written by the journalist Quentin Reynolds, tells that he use to keep records of the results of the jury in the criminal cases he was judging, and found that in most cases (if I am not mistaken – close to 95%) the result is same to the result the jury !

This is to teach you, that crowd wisdom is just as good as a professional judge.

I wish you luck in your journey,

Best regards,

Avigdor Salton.

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I am about to finish the presentation and it’s looking wonderful Smile

There is nothing more worthy in my opinion than to let you, everyone who helped me build my presentation, to be part of my TED talk.

All you have to do is record a short video saying: "Clever minds think together" and send me the video.

Here’s the explanation how to do it:

Remember to count to 5 before you say it, and try to say it in a normal rhythm, same as I did it.

Please send the video by e-mail to ted@liorz.co.il by Jan 22nd 2012.


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One of the most important things in the process I’m going through are the decisions what not to do.

When I was looking for examples which I will use to demonstrate the implications of crowd wisdom, and among others I thought about Kutiman.

If you don’t know him, Kutiman is an Israeli artist which uses video segments to create extraordinary music. I really like his work and I thought it would be a wonderful example of the use of crowd wisdom, since he takes a lot of music segments from people around the world and turns them into a masterpiece.

Here is his most famous piece:


I wrote this status and asked for your opinion.

In addition to all the compliments which he rightfully deserves, some of you wrote that it is not crowd wisdom since he is the brain behind the piece and not the crowd.

That is why I have decided to give up this part of the presentation. But, I’ve was fortunate enough to get meet Kutiman and appreciate his work even more.



Today I spoke with Prof. Dan Ariely, one of the noticeable Israelis who have presented in TED.

He was very nice to me and gave his advice towards my presentation.

One of his tips was to build the presentation thinking of the internet viewers, as much, and even more than the audience in the theatre. There will be 2,500 people in the theatre, but what is that compared to hundreds of thousands viewers online…

In any case, this is a great opportunity to showcase his presentation, so for those of you who haven’t seen it yet:


Today I got another insight on the use of crowd wisdom.

A week ago I asked your assistance in choosing the photo I have to send TED’s team for a poster they are printing for each of the presenters.

My question was pretty simple, which photo of the 8 options should I choose?


My question was which photo to choose, but the answers I got were much wider.

Many have offered ideas to make my photo more impressive.

Among all of them, the proposition by Yaniv Katan, who has offered that I replace all the small circles around me with the profile photos of the people who have helped me build this presentation.

That’s the beauty of crowd wisdom – when people are asked to think, they do not limit themselves to the exact question asked. They think out of the box and offer much greater ideas than the question itself.

Here is the result:


(Link to the comments, link to a high-res version)

Thanks a lotto Meir Pinto the talented photographer, Yaniv Katan for the idea, Maor Chen and Shay Sapir from Eucalyptus for the graphic help.

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imageToday the full schedule of TED was published, including all the presenters.

Here’s the link to the program guide, and this is a link to the detailed schedule.

The event is 4 days long. My TED talk is on the second day of the event, Wednesday, February 29th, at noon.

I am presenting after LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman, god help me.

Among others, you can find the director of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the chairman of Singularity University and the most technological wizard there is, Marco Tempest (which if you have not seen his last TED talk, here is the link).

The text for the presentation is ready thanks to dozens of you who have fixed and improved it. I have taken it down from Wikipedia to save some of the element of surprise for the TED participants.

I’m now starting to build the PowerPoint presentation (anyone want to help with the design?) and rehearse.

Now officially my heart beat rate is up by 50%.

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The FEDEX guy just dropped off another package at my home from TED.

I opened the box carefully and in it was a marble slab etched with the Ten Commandments for TED speakers.

These are the TED Commandments:


It was wrapped with a lot of packing peanuts and a small note stating that the packaging materials are biodegradable. The peanuts can be put in water and they will dissolve :-)

So I took a few peanuts and put them in a glass of water. Hocus Pocus – they do dissolve.



Today another package came in from TED. What’s next? Everyday a new surprise…

Intrigued, I opened the packaged and found inside the book with Steve Jobs’ new biography.

Attached to it was a letter from Chris Anderson, a TED curator. He wrote that Steve Jobs never spoke at TED but it is harder to find a more important person in the community surrounding TED which has changed the three worlds TED represents: Design, Technology and Entertainment.




Today I got approval to tell I was going to speak at TED (Finally).

Actually, I haven’t been this excited for a long while. Especially from the comments you have written (link to the Facebook thread, link to the blog post).

Thank you all. You have no idea how excited I got from your feedback.


Since telling about TED I am surrounded by so many new experiences.

First of all, the remarks get from everyone and everywhere.

For example, yesterday my neighbor Miriam walked in. an old charming woman in indescribable measures. She came with her daughter, both of them with bright eyes with excitement that I, the neighbor who helps Garden every now and then, is about to speak at TED.

In ted.com there is a section called TED conversations where anyone can create a discussion surrounding an idea or a question.

I wrote there of the process I am going through and that I was looking for examples of people using wisdom of the crowds.

Then, suddenly, my phone starts vibrating extremely and suspiciously. It buzzes every other second, again and again in a way which never happened.

I just finished making pizza and all I wanted was to do was to think of dietician while biting in to this juicy (spicy) pizza in front of me.

But the phone kept buzzing and receiving messages in a wild rate, so I put the pizza down trying to understand what’s going on.

TED’s Facebook page, which has 1.6 million fans, decided to invite all the TED fans around the world to help me build my TED talk:


This lead to 150 shares, dozens of twitter messages, and most importantly – hundreds of messages from fascinating people from around the world.

A pastor using crowd wisdom to build his Sunday mass, a mom who raises her child using crowd wisdom, the U2 fan club manager who uses the wisdom of the bands fans, and many many more.

I gazed at my pizza standing there all alone while I stand there with my mouth open and unable to eat.

My TED talk will be just a few short minutes, but the journey I am experiencing on the way there is long, wonderful and exciting. It is just as important as the TED talk itself and I breathe and admire every moment and every experience.

This is fun…

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