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נכתב בתאריך 3/1/2012 בשעה 10:00 מאת Lior Zoref

Update: Thank you for everyone who helped me to improve my talk. I’ve removed the text from Wikipedia in order to leave some room for surprise :-)

imageA few months ago I met with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the most impressive example I know of crowd wisdom. He was very interested and enthusiastic about the idea that I was going to present at TED.

At the end of the conversation he said this: “listen, why don’t you try and publish your TED talk text on Wikipedia? Allow the crowds to edit and improve your presentation!”.

Actually, a wonderful idea.

Over the last few weeks I have built the presentation with your help. It contains examples, sentences and even jokes I got through the wisdom of the crowds, your wisdom.

Now I am proud to present the first and full draft of the text as a Wiki page in Wikipedia.

[The link was removed]

You are welcome to edit it as you wish. Fix mistakes, add, erase and/or anything that can make the presentation better.

Until now the crowd wisdom has brought me to create a presentation based on your ideas, now with crowd wisdom we can learn how crowds can contribute to improve the presentation.

In addition, if you have any general comments or new ideas, you can comment here.

Thank you.

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