Sienna Byron Bay

Sienna Byron Bay is Austalia's favourite ethical natural nail polish company. Sienna holds certifications from B Corporation (who measure and verify social and environmental performance), Made Safe by Safe Cosmetics Australia (for safe ingredient transparency), Australian Made, Choose Cruelty Free Australia, Certified Vegan with Vegan Action, Cruelty Free & Vegan from PETA, and Halal certified (as there are no animals harmed in the production and it's a breathable polish).

Stepping away from the X-free labelling system, which has turned in to a game of one-upmanship, Sienna prefer to let their certifications speak for themselves. Through all this, the quality and staying power of Sienna Nail Polish rivals any other mainstream brand still using harmful chemicals. With the absence of a true 100% natural and water based polish that actually performs (it just can't be done), Sienna Byron Bay is our #1 choice for safety and performance.