Organic & Natural Deodorant

One of the most natural things the body does is to sweat. It's the safe and natural way for the body to detox. Mainstream deodorants work to block the pores under the arms using aluminium, blocking the natural detox pathways. At Beautiful Because we stock an extensive range of natural deodorants that use a combination of bi-carb soda, magnesium and essential oils to stop bacteria from growing as you sweat, which is where the smell comes from.

We have every scent grouping and application type covered from our plastic free paste tins from the famous Axilla paste from Black Chicken Remedies to sprays and 24 hours roll ons from Weleda and the range of wind up sticks from Schmidt's Naturals who have both bi-carb options available and their sensitive bi-carb free range for those who have skin sensitivities.