Josh Rosebrook New Hair Care Products & Packaging

In the later part of 2019, you will see new packaging start to come in on the hair care range from Josh Rosebrook plus an exciting new multi-tasker, the Josh Rosebrook Serum Spray that we know is going to be an instant hit. Here's what you need to know about the changes to the Josh Rosebrook Hair Care range

Same Formula - New Packaging

There have not been any formulation changes in the range. If you use and love anything from the Josh Rosebrook hair range, then the only thing different is the appearance of the bottles. The Shampoo & Conditioner are still coming in the Balance and the Nourish formulas in a 60ml stand up squeeze tube that's perfect for travelling and a 240ml and 480ml bottle with a pump lid for the shower.

Are you Balance or Nourish? Josh Rosebrook's shampoo and conditioner are made to suit scalps more than hair, as the scalp plays a large role in hair health and appearance.

  • Balance - suits all hair textures and types and a normal to oily scalp. Use Balance to offset excessive oiliness and to help create volume for fine hair. If your scalp gets naturally oily after 1 to 2 days, Balance is for you.
  • Nourish - suits all hair textures and types and a normal to dry scalp. Herbal infusions help to treat scalp conditions and stimulate the follicles to encourage strong hair growth. This is for you if it take 3 to 6 days before you scalp becomes oily without shampooing.

Josh Rosebrook Hair Styling Products size changes

Both the Lift Hair Texture & Volume and the Hair Spray are now just available in a full size 120ml spray. Hair Cream was available in a 15ml mini and a 75ml full size and now comes in a 60ml jar.

Meet the Serum Spray from Josh Rosebrook

Is it a styling product or a treatment? It's actually both. Serum Spray is a dynamic multi-functioning powerhouse packed with plant active concentrates, herbal nutrients and natural oils to perform a multitude of tasks.

  1. Frizz reduction
  2. Soften and condition each strand
  3. Smoothe and define waves and curl patterns
  4. Define hair texture and improve the manageability when styling
  5. Provides light protection from heat when styling with instruments
  6. Stimulates follicles and scalp health

With each application you'll get a relaxed and weightless finish in an easy to use spray bottle with no unwanted residue.

Whether you use Nourish or Balance shampoo & conditioner, Serum Spray is the natural extra to form the perfect hair trio when you don't need to 'style' your hair, but you still want it to be easily manageable and look soft and natural. Use it every day or after each wash on towel-dried hair. Whether you let your hair dry naturally, use a blow dry or a blow dryer + a round brush, Serum Spray will reduce frizz, smooth texture and enhance your natural style.

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