Black Chicken Remedies

Black Chicken Remedies revolutionised the personal care industry by creating the first and most popular natural deodorant paste in Australia. It takes a while to get used to, but once you switch to natural deodorant you can’t go back! Founded by Sydney based Chey Birch who started off making all the products in small batches in her kitchen, Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste, with a formula of bicarb and natural plant oils, has become a must-have beauty essential for the toxin-free conscious in Australia and beyond. Black Chicken now have a whole face and body care range of beautiful, essential oil based products that are kind to skin, with solutions for sensitive dry, dehydrated and problem skin at the heart of the brand. They are toxin-free, free from animal cruelty and capture the powerful and anti-ageing benefits of therapeutic oils and plant extracts. The brand is committed to providing the best natural skin care remedies that will make you look younger, feel smoother and positively glow. With simple, fun names such as Love Your Face Serum and Love Your Body Polish, as well cool packaging, it is not surprising that Black Chicken Remedies products are gracing more and more bathrooms every day. Their essential oil based perfumes and diffuser oils, are ideal for creating ambience at home.