Introducing the Caroline Issa limited edition lipstick from Kjaer Weis

Caroline Issa is a style icon, savvy business woman, magazine chief executive and now, makeup collaborator with Kjaer Weis. In an article in ELLE UK, they talk about Caroline's fixation with sustainable brands, which makes her collaboration with Kjaer Weis a match made in beauty heaven.

Caroline and Kirsten joined forces to create two organic reds with 25% of the sales going to the charity Women for Women International.

AMOUR ROUGE - pictured on Caroline (left) and on the bottom of the lipstick stack is the first of the two shades. It's a rich, spice-coloured orange-red shade with a velvet-matte finish and opaque coverage.

SUCRE - pictured on Caroline (right) and on the top of the lipstick stack is the second of the two shades in the Caroline Issa collection. It's a deep dark blood red with warm undertones. It has the same opaque coverage and velvet-matte finish as Amour Rouge.

About Kjaer Weis Lipsticks

The full collection of Kjaer Weis Lipsticks are silicone free. When you first use them, you may feel they are initially a little drier than what you are used to in other brands. Just move it across your lips with a slight back and forth and it will warm up to your lips and feel moist and luxurious. The long wearing moisturising qualities come from natural jojoba seed oil and sweet almond oil in the lipstick. Beeswax offers protection and staying power.

Like the rest of the makeup range from Kjaer Weis, your Caroline Issa limited edition colour is packed in a refillable silver bullet case. You can choose to replace it with the same colour or any shade in the Kjaer Weis lipstick collection.

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About Women For Women International

The charity chosen by Caroline & Kirsten for 25% of the sales of these limited edition lipsticks is Women For Women International. They are a charity based in the UK who focus on helping women rebuild their lives after they survive war. They have reached 500,000 women in 8 countries affected by war and 83% of all the money raised goes directly to the women, giving them a very low administrative cost to run their charity.

Since 1993, they have been forming women in small groups of 25 to support each other and giving them the skills they need to work and be self supporting for both the women and their families. Whether it's breadmaking, tailoring or countless other endeavours, the women save their money and create small loan associations to help other women in their communities.

They are also taught about their health, including reproductive health, how to prevent disease and manage stress. Womens rights are also taught, from voting rights, what to do in the case of domestic abuse, child custody rights and more, this charity teach women in war torn countries the skills that so many of us take for granted.