Ere Perez - Two Liquid Foundation Options

Ere Perez in their first incarnation only had one liquid foundation in their range, the Oat Milk Foundation. When they re-formulated their complete natural makeup range, the Oat Milk Foundation received a blend change, an increase in shades, matching concealers to every shade and a companion liquid foundation, the Quinoa Water Foundation. In this post, we explain the differences between Oat Milk Foundation and Quinoa Water Foundation to see which coverage suits your needs the best.


For those who want a light to medium coverage from their foundation, Quinoa Water Foundation is a lightweight option to do this. With buildable coverage, you can get varying degrees of coverage depending on the day or your needs. Like any product that's lightweight and buildable, the number of shade options available is limited because the lighter coverage means that the product will blend in and be a little more forgiving than a full coverage foundation which always needs to be carefully colour matched.

For a lightweight and matte finish, choose from one of the following three shades (from light to dark):-

  1. Haze - Porcelain to light skin tones.
  2. Dawn - Light/Medium to Medium skin tones
  3. Dusk - Medium/Deep to Deeper skin tones

Most people don't need to sample specifically for colour matching, but it is nice to try it for coverage, consistency and patch testing for allergies. We make small sample vials in house for sampling.

More than just a tint, ingredients have been carefully chosen to also help reduce the appearance of redness, pigmentation and fine lines. The inclusion of the quinoa helps to heal skin inflammation and increase skin elasticity.

For best results, cleanse and moisturise as normal (the Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Cream is a great all purpose for normal skin and makes the perfect makeup primer) then apply a small amount of Quinoa Water Foundation to the back of the hand using the glass dropper. Use the vegan multipurpose brush or any other foundation brush on hand to gather the foundation from the hand and apply to the face. One coat will give you light coverage. A second coat will provide a medium coverage.


If you prefer a fuller coverage then the Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation is your best option. It is a buildable foundation which offers medium to full coverage so you can use sparingly or layer up and best of all - your skin will still be able to breathe. Oat Milk Foundation has been blended in to 6 shades in the newer formula from Latte that suits light porcelain skin tones through to Mocha for deeper skin tones. In Australia there is only a very small market for the darkest of skin tones, and Ere Perez gets a say way down the spectrum but not as far as other brands have.

The great thing they did when formulating the Oat Milk Foundation was to create concealers in all 6 shades to perfectly colour match the foundation. Depending on what you're covering, this is really helpful. In some instances, stepping to a shade lighter in a concealer is more effective, especially when covering dark circles, and this is still possible in this range for all shades but the light porcelain.

Oat Milk Foundation is began and non-comodogenic, so it won't clog your pores.It is also suitable for sensitive skin but we always recommend a patch test. As with the Quinoa Water Foundation, cleanse and moisturise before applying and use the eco vegan multipurpose brush to create a flawless finish.