Rahua Amazon Beauty

Rahua Amazon Beauty was founded by Fabian Lliguin, a renowned hair stylist and colourist in New York City who visited the Amazon rainforest as an environmentalist where he discovered the rainforest’s most potent and powerful beauty secret Rahua Nut Oil – used by the indigenous women their in skin care and hair care which gives them a glowing complexion and lustrous, healthy locks. The not so secret-ingredient in this luxurious natural hair care collection has transformative hair care benefits, which Fabian was excited to share with his clients back in New York. Now with this dedicated brand, the Rahua Shampoos and Conditioners are highly regarded for all hair types including Original, Colour Full, Hydration and Voluminous.

The brand boasts a complete range of styling and body care products to meet all needs. Rahua Elixir and Gardenia Soothing Daily Drops are two star products for treating hair with an extra concentrated infusion of the coveted Rahua Oil. You'll love Rahua Amazon Beauty for its soothing hair care products that transform hair for healthy and lustrous condition like no other.

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