Beautiful Because Digital Gift Card

Buy a digital gift card that's emailed to the recipient. Choose any dollar value you wish. If this is the only thing on the order, we regret we are unable to ship free samples or gifts.

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Choosing a Digital Gift Card from Beautiful Because is the perfect way to shower someone with the perfect gift that they can choose themselves. With skin care and makeup being such a personal experience, our gift cards show just how much you care.

You may choose any dollar value you wish for your Gift Card.

All Gift Cards are emailed to the recipient at the end of the transaction or at a later date if you choose. The email will show the dollar amount of the card, the code and a full set of instructions on how to redeem your gift.

You can also write a personalised message which we will include in the email.

Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. There are NO restrictions as to what they can be spent on (except for another gift certificate).

Unspent vouchers will receive a 30 day reminder prior to expiration.

Please note: for those who use Gmail or Hotmail (in particular), over zealous spam filters can sometimes catch these emails. Please follow up with the recipient to ensure it arrived safely. If it didn't, please contact us and we'll happily forward a copy by hand.

BUYING A GIFT CARD FOR YOURSELF? If you choose to do this, either the original gift card purchase or the order you spend it on needs to be done as a guest checkout, and not with your Beautiful Rewards login. Because of the way our loyalty program works, we cannot allow customers to purchase gift cards to earn rewards and then earn the same rewards a second time as the card is spent. Thank you for your understanding.