Organic & Natural Makeup Remover

When you wear natural makeup, you also need a cleanser specifically suited to removing the makeup effectively without drying out the skin. Natural makeup removers come in many forms and while most of our cleansers will remove your makeup to an extent, full coverage, stubborn or waterproof makeup may require a helping hand in the form of a specifically formulated makeup remover.

Some of the makeup removers we stock are oil based and some are water, which you choose is often a matter of personal preference but both work well for removing makeup. Waterproof makeup is often oil based so it makes sense to use an oil based makeup remover such as MV Skincare Jojoba Oil. A micellar water is a gentle water based makeup remover, ideal for all skin types and very effective at removing all types of makeup. The Micellar waters from Inika and Madara are both rosewater based and perfect for delicate, dry or sensitive skins, while Ere Perez have used ginkgo for their base.

A milk or lotion formula is a nourishing way to remove cream makeup bases such as foundation and some eye makeup. They are very conditioning for dehydrated and mature skin types. Makeup removers can be applied with a cotton pad before double-cleansing by applying your cream or gel formula and rinsing with water. Double-cleansing ensures a more thorough clean, that all makeup is removed, and is an optimum way to care for your skin to keep it healthy, youthful and clear. It is important to remove all traces of makeup before applying your specific active skincare, since it will be able to absorb better.