Mukti Three Step Calming Skin Care Range

For those with reactive skin, sensitised skin, rosacea, hormonal breakouts and skin that is easily agitated and inflamed by even some of the safest natural ingredients around, Mukti Organics have released three products in their calming range that are just for you. The Rescue and Recover Serum is a game changer.

Your sensitive skin can react to products considered suitable for gentle skin, but also to environmental factors such as sun damage, stress, hormonal changes and UV ray exposure. If your skin becomes irritated under these conditions, itchy, dry or flaky, the Calming Series is for you. Formulated without any added fragrances, it's truly gentle to both the skin and the nose. Mukti have identified the ingredients that can be problematic for reactive skin and not only removed them, but found a gentle and effective group of ingredients to nourish, heal and nurture your reactive skin.

Is your skin sensitive?

People have sensitive skin for four three reasons. 1) As a permanent skin condition. 2) A temporary condition due to exposure to environmental damage (including stress) or an overuse of certain skin care ingredients. 3) Immune reactions due to allergies and sensitivities. These immune reactions can be from topical issues or from reactions to the diet.

Your skin may feel tight, flaky, dry, stinging and burning due to the skin barrier being disrupted. It may be sensitive to the overuse of retinol, salicylic acid from acne products or AHA. These can cause the natural fats in the skin to be stripped away. For those with allergies, a patch test may show a product is ok the first time you use it, but on repeated use, an almost immediate reaction will occur. Redness, itching and even hive like rashes can occur.

All of these issues create reactive and sensitive skin that needs careful attention to heal, and the right products. The healing needs to be done with gentle and restorative ingredients, while maintaining the skin barrier with moisture protection and avoiding harsh ingredients, including many natural ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation like essential oils.

Introducing the Calming Collection

Ranges specifically for sensitive skin are not that easy to find in the organic skin care market in Australia. Mukti are one of Australia's leading brands in the space and have only just introduced a range. The range has been carefully formulated to make your skin more resilient and to naturally increase its protective mechanisms using nourishing Australian Native Botanicals and calming plant oils.

STEP ONE - Calming Cleansing Balm

Mukti Calming Cleansing Balm

Like no other cleanser you have tried, this jelly gets massaged in to the skin and half way through the process, dampen your hands and it instantly turns milky white. It can be used as a makeup remover and a daily cleanser as a standalone or as a part of a double cleansing ritual. It cleanses, regenerates and boosts skin elasticity.

STEP TWO - Rescue And Recover Serum

Mukti Rescue And Recover Serum

This is a game changer for those with sensitivities who struggle to find a good quality serum without ingredients to have allergic reactions to. It's super silky and lightweight that's gentle while being packed with antioxidants to defend against environmental damage. If your skin goes through hormonal challenges and reactivity, you're also likely to have combination skin during these times. The serum is non-comodogenic so it's perfect to use on hormonal acne redness and to calm blemish prone skin.

STEP THREE - Mukti Calming Moisturiser

Mukti Calming Moisturiser

Fragrance free and made on a base of shea butter and jojoba oil, this calming moisturiser is boosted with hyaluronic acid for protecting the moisture barrier and a host of native Australian extracts.

Full Size Products and Samples Available

If you have sensitive skin, you will no doubt have a lot of products you have tried and reacted to. Out of every skin care product we sell, it was important to ensure an adequate supply of samples for these. Click on any image above to reach the full size and you'll find the sample listed at the bottom of the page. All three work beautifully together and are well worth a try on your next order.