Test Drive May Lindstrom with deluxe samples now available in Australia

May Lindstrom is one of our premium organic skin care brands, handmade in small batches. The origins of the brand and the formulas lies in May herself having highly sensitive and reactive skin. With this in mind, each formula has been created and tested to be suitable for those with sensitivities, but as we know, no two people's skin are alike. To ensure that the May Lindstrom skin care range is suitable for you, we have samples of each product in the range available for you. May Lindstrom's products are an investment in amazing skin, and we want each and every one of our customers to be comfortable with this investment as they make it.

How do I buy May Lindstrom Samples in Australia

We have created one product in store called May Lindstrom Samples and every product is listed in its sample size. You simply choose the product you want from the drop down box and add to cart. If you want to try more than one product, just do the same thing over and over again and choose the different product each time. Please note, they are LIMITED to ONE of each product in the sample size only. We make each one in-house in a specially purchased bottle / jar for each product. The oils come in a small glass dropper bottle, the mist comes in a very small spray bottle and the rest come in jars.

Each sample is generously sized for multiple uses. The product most people want to test is The Blue Cocoon. With the full size jar being 50ml in capacity, we use 5ml pots to make these and you are getting 1/10th of the full size.

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How do I get May Lindstrom Samples for free in Australia

Depending on the quantity available at any given time, you can find May Lindstrom Samples in our Tier 2 and Tier 3 Free Samples program. If you aren't familiar with our Free Samples Program, when you spend $50 in store, you see a pop up at the cart and/or checkout to choose a free sample. This is what we call Tier 1. When your cart gets to $100, a second free sample is offered to you, which we call Tier 2 and at $200, Tier 3 kicks in. The higher the Tier, the better value the sample is. Any order over $200 gets to choose 3 samples, one from each Tier, and qualifies for free express shipping anywhere in Australia.

Which May Lindstrom Samples are available?

All seven products in the May Lindstrom range are made in to samples in our store. As of March 2020 when this post was originally published, The Honey Mud was still unavailable awaiting reformulation and testing. When it's due back, samples will be made available immediately. The seven products are:-

  1. The Pendulum Potion - $9.95 sample (full size $117)
    your antioxidant rich cleansing oil
  2. The Honey Mud - $9.95 sample (full size $131) this is temporarily unavailable
    your gentle enzyme cleanse and masque
  3. The Clean Dirt - $6.95 sample (full size $102)
    your brightening exfoliant treatment
  4. The Problem Solver - $7.95 sample (full size $146)
    your intensive detox masque
  5. The Youth Dew - $15.95 sample (full size $204)
    your balancing facial serum
  6. The Blue Cocoon - $29.95 sample (full size $262)
    your nourishing beauty balm boosted with blue tansy
  7. The Jasmine Garden - $9.95 sample (full size $102)
    your antioxidant rich botanical fast mist

Please note: all prices were correct at the time of publishing but are subject to change.