Inika Samples

Do you find it a challenge to shop for natural make up online and make the right shade selections the first time you shop? While colour charts and photos are great, there's something to be said about colour matching and trialling in the comfort of your own home. Australian organic makeup brand Inika have a comprehensive selection of factory packed samples, which also double as travel minis.

What's available

The Inika Trial Pack represents the best value for money but it is only available in a limited shade selection. For $15* you get to trial 4 products in the range - 2 loose powders, 1 liquid foundation and the primer. There are no BB Creams available to trial here, nor concealer and there are shades that just aren't available in the packs. Don't worry, they are available as singles.

  • LIGHT - Grace & Strength Powder + Cream Liquid
  • LIGHT/MEDIUM - Unity & Nurture Powder + Beige Liquid
  • MEDIUM/DARK - Patience & Trust Powder + Honey Liquid
  • DARK - Freedom & Inspiration + Tan Liquid

Inika Foundation Samples are available in all shades in the Liquid Foundation, Loose Mineral Foundation and the Inika BB Cream. We don't stock some of the very darkest shades, but they can be ordered in if we have enough interest. Please note that while the baked mineral powders all have the same names as the loose shades, they actually run a little lighter in colour than their loose powdered namesake, so buying the loose mineral foundation sample for an accurate reading on the baked foundation will get you in the ballpark but not a completely accurate representation. In the same way that a BB Cream is a more lightweight and 'less coverage' option than liquid foundation, the baked foundations are the lighter version of the loose powder.

Inika Concealer Samples are available in all three shades.

Inika Bronzer Samples are available in all three shades of the Loose powder.

Inika Blush Samples are only available in 2 shades, which are the most popular shades in each of the powdered styles - Blooming Nude in the loose and Rosy Glow in the puff pot.

Inika Pure Primer is also available as a sample along with the Mattifying Powder

We do not have samples of any of the baked products, but Inika Baked In A Box gives you the option to try minis of a baked mineral foundation and baked illuminisor along with primer, BB, liquid foundation, concealer, loose bronzer and mattifying powder with a foundation brush.

Buy Inika Samples Online

To make the samples easier to find when you're colour matching for foundations, BB Creams, concealers etc., each product is just one product with a colour chooser. If you use the drop down box on any of the colour matching products, you will see the colour option with the word SAMPLE after it and the price of the sample. You can do this for the Liquid Foundation, BB Cream, Loose Mineral Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer and Blush. We do ask that you only purchase 1 per shade in the samples. The Mattifying Powder and Primer samples are currently not available for purchase in our store, but there are two different ways you can get those Inika Samples for Free.

Inika Loose Mineral Foundation Powder

Get Inika Samples for Free

We have two ways you can get Inika Samples for Free at Beautiful Because. In our Free Samples program, you will quite often find both the Mattifying Powder and the Pure Primer in our Tier 2 samples, which means that when you spend $100 or more in store, you can chose one of them, regardless of what brands are in your cart.

The second way is with our newly launched Inika Gift With Purchase that runs all year round.

Every sample that we mention in this blog post is available to choose. This month you may like to see how the BB Cream feels compared to the Liquid Foundation if you've never tried it before. Next month you might decide what all the fuss is about using a Primer under your foundation. Next month you might get a tan and your regular foundation shade isn't quite right and you need something darker to test or to mix with your current shade. Whatever the reason or the product, each time you visit, they're all available and you can pick something different. You don't have to want for the deals, we buy them in just for you, 365 days of the year.

* All quoted prices in this blog subject to change. Please visit the product page for the latest price.