Mukti Organics and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great changes, and the list of products you apply to your skin daily is something that must change during pregnancy and during breastfeeding as well. You may assume that because you're already using only organic skin care products and a natural makeup regime that nothing has to change. This actually isn't the case.

Essential Oils and Pregnancy

Essential Oils are a common ingredient found in many natural beauty regimes and there are some oils that are contraindicated for pregnancy. In the Mukti range, you will find sage and sweet fennel essential oils in some of the body products. These should be avoided during pregnancy.

  • There is Sage Essential Oil in the Mukti Deodorant. We recommend you switch to an unscented deodorant during your pregnancy
  • There is Sweet Fennel Essential Oil in the Bioactive Body Elixir and this should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • There is Sage in the Shampoo. While it's a wash off and generally regarded as safe during pregnancy, we still advise you avoid it and speak to a health care professional
  • There is Jasmine in a soon to be released natural fragrance which is also contraindicated during pregnancy

So which essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy. This site created by a trained aromatherapist gives some great information on the subject, but there is no definitive list. From this list, the essential oils you're most likely to find in skin care or makeup and should avoid are:-

  • Anise
  • Clary Sage (interestingly enough - this is on the safe list for the link above, but we have read in other places to use with caution. I can induce labour)
  • Fennel (both sweet and bitter)
  • Jasmine
  • Myrrh
  • Oregano
  • Sage

They're certainly not the only oils though, so please check with the formulator and a medical professional if you're unclear about anything.

Vitamin A and Pregnancy

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin and everyone should be aware of how much they're taking internally in supplements. It's not a vitamin you want to take in excess. If you take too much vitamin B or C (both of which are water soluble), you will excrete out what you don't use or need in your urine. Fat soluble vitamins get stored in the body.

There is a wealth of information published online, quality information from medical studies, showing potential birth defects from ingesting too much Vitamin A during pregnancy, but what about putting it on your skin? The research isn't so clear, but health professionals still suggest you avoid it during pregnancy.

  • There is Vitamin A in the Vital A Serum which should be avoided during pregnancy
  • There is Vitamin A in the Age Defiance Night Serum which should be avoided during pregnancy

Vitamin A is most likely to be found in anti-aging skin care, so check for ingredients and swap to something else for the period of your pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Mukti Organics Skin Care that's safe to use during pregnancy

In the skin care range, everything is safe apart from the Vital A Serum and the Age Defiance Night Serum due to the Vitamin A

Mukti Organics Body Care that's safe to use during pregnancy

In the body care range, avoid the deodorant, the Bio Active Body Elixir and potentially the Shampoo. When the perfume is released, avoid that too.

If you have any questions about product swaps or the pregnancy safety of anything our range, please contact us so we can assist. We are in the process of speaking to brands one at a time to get further information on the pregnancy status of their range. Even with this information, we urge all expectant mothers to discuss their needs with their doctor. Each pregnancy is different and some are more difficult than others.