About Beautiful Because

Beautiful Because is an eco-luxe store and Green Beauty Guide stocking certified organic, natural and toxin-free products from Australia and beyond, selected for their high-quality ingredients, extraordinary performance, sustainable and cruelty-free policies. An exclusive and niche retailer, Beautiful Because have selected only the finest green beauty brands.

Founded in 2013 by Nina Weston, Beautiful Because is now a leading natural beauty retailer. Known for our exceptional, personalised customer service – which includes complimentary samples, beautiful packaging, generous reward points and exclusive offers – our loyal and growing customer base are beautiful because they choose healthy and kind cosmetics.

Beautiful Because changed ownership in March 2018 and is still a privately owned family company upholding the strong quality and traditions that Nina started in 2013. Nina is still a valued member of the Beautiful Because team and works as our beauty editor from abroad. Nina's constant search and product testing is an integral part of staying ahead of worldwide natural beauty trends.


Hey there! I’m Nina, founder of Beautiful Because. My career in beauty started when I was just a teen, working in store for some prestigious brands. More than ten years on, I reconcile my love for luxurious beauty with a determination to live healthily and more sustainably, but that wasn’t always the case. It was while working as a beauty editor and makeup artist I started to question what I was using on myself and others, and became disillusioned by how unhealthy the industry could be.

I, like so many, was drawn in by the brands cleverly marketed packaging, glossy ads and celebrity endorsed campaigns. Most of us don’t stop to question a product's ingredients, let alone have the time to! But, after seeing how others had reacted to some of the toxic synthetics and cheap fillers in regular products, and researched the links between every day chemicals and common health complaints, I started looking for natural alternatives I could wholeheartedly advocate.

I’m the first to admit I’d been put off the results and textures of natural products in the past, but made it my mission to find the brands breaking natural beauty ground and was delighted to discover so many of the best right here in Australia. Mother Nature has everything our skin could possibly need, from zinc sunscreen to pure, antioxidant-rich oils and mineral powders. So, why choose anything else?

What’s even more exciting is that the brands making natural beauty waves are those who care about the environment, animal-welfare, you and your family. I felt compelled to create a platform for them and help raise awareness that going green doesn’t mean a compromise on performance.

Every brand, whether big or small, local or international, is hand-picked and tried out by us, so you can shop safely, with confidence and enjoy the transition to cleaner beauty. I hope to help you simplify and detoxify your beauty regimen, saving you time, money and lowering your carbon footprint in the process. As soon as I made the switch, I saw my skin take on a whole new clarity. I know you’ll love the transformation too!

If you have any natural beauty questions or would like some product advice, we would love to assist.


I'm Joanne Musgrave, the incredibly lucky owner of Beautiful Because. Why lucky? Our founder did such an amazing job of establishing Beautiful Because that when she contacted me early in 2018 and told me she was moving overseas and wanted to sell the business, I knew I was on to a winner. I was a YES from the very beginning and I am very proud to continue the legacy of Australia's leading eco luxe online beauty destination. We had always been admirers of Beautiful Because and in awe of the stunning imagery and luxury brands on offer. To own the business is pure joy.

Beautiful Because is our second online store, with me founding our first store back in 2009, back when natural products were not commonplace. The sister store to Beautiful Because covers every day natural beauty and personal care products along with eco homewares, natural cleaning, essential oils and so much more. Our well established despatch facility meant we coulud streamline the operation and in saving staff time, we passed the savings back to the Beautiful Because audience by relaunching the loyalty program Beautiful Rewards with a 10% first order discount and more generous rewards.

A technology upgrade settling in the last quarter of 2019, Beautiful Because is set for rapid expansion in 2020 with a host of new brands that Nina has been road testing and using with her clients to ensure they're the quality that our beautiful customers already know and trust.

With my 20 year background in web development and marketing, along with industry and government experience in purchasing and logistics, the work we do behind the scenes to streamline the business gives us a strong position in the industry and the capacity to offer our customers a large number of benefits including ongoing loyalty discounts, free samples and free gifts that are available 365 days of the year, not just at sale time. In 2017 I was selected to be a feature on the TV show Industry Leaders where our sister store was showcased. 

We are committed to supporting brands whose focus on quality, sustainability and product development continues to make them leaders in their space.