Price Matching

At Beautiful Because, we have a limited Price Match Policy for our customers for discounts given directly from our brands to the public. Some conditions apply.

  • We price match STOREWIDE sales from our stocked brands
  • FIRST ORDER DISCOUNTS from our brands
  • SUBSCRIPTION DISCOUNTS from our brands
  • STOREWIDE sales from major retailers
  • Some STOREWIDE sales from small independent retailers

We value your business and truly appreciate the opportunity to match the price of these discounts for you so we can continue to provide you the very best service we can.


All the price match offers above must meet the following criteria:-

  • The sites we price match must be Australian (we don't price match international pricing).
  • The products must be in stock at the time we offer to price match.
  • Shipping charges will be taken in to consideration.
  • The offer must be public so we can verify.
  • If it's in a newsletter, you can email it to us.
  • We only price match for the dates offered by the other store. We cannot backdate or extend.
  • For First Order Discount price matching, if you have already used your 10% off Beautiful Rewards and you want us to match a first discount offer from a brand, we will match this discount for you just once per brand.
  • For Subscription Discounts, we will look at matching this for existing customers only who have already purchased this brand from us. The on-going discount will depend on the frequency of the brand purchase and will be assessed on a case by case basis.
  • Discounts for storewide sales from other retailers will be assessed on a case by case basis
  • We reserve the right to change our mind on a price match if circumstances arise where we feel it's necessary. It's not a 100% guarantee.