Organic & Natural Primer

A primer is an extra makeup product you can add to your routine for a number of reasons. Firstly, a makeup primer will work synergistically with your foundation to help pro-long wear. In addition, makeup primers offer skin a whole host of added benefits which may include hydration, protection or SPF thanks to organic, plant-based natural oils and ingredients.

We recommend INIKA Certified Organic Pure Primer or La Mav Certified Organic Bio Active Primer for their moisturising and skin calming benefits. The Lily Lolo Makeup Mist is also a kind of primer that can be used to set mineral powder makeup and help refresh the look of it throughout the day.

Natural face oils and serums such as rosehip or jojoba can also be applied prior to foundation to help set your makeup for the day and assist as smooth application. SPF primers include the sunscreen from Simple As That and Wotnot. Finally, you can also get eye and lip makeup primers to help prolong the wear of your colour cosmetics.