Organic & Natural Lipstick

We have so many fabulous natural lipsticks available at Beautiful Because it is just a matter of finding the range for you. Favoured by local makeup artists, Australian brand Nūdus Organic Lipsticks have a cult following. They are handcrafted in Sydney, in small batches, with a ayurvedic inspired pure bioactive blend, for luxury and beautiful colours.

From local brands, Inika have a full colour lipstick and lip crayon are joined by a sheer lip tint and stunning array of lip glazes for those who want subtle colour. Staying local, Ere Perez have a comprehensive range including their Olive Oil Lipsticks (14 shades) for full colour coverage,  Cacao Lip Colour (6 shades) for hydration and sheer coverage, Wlid Pansy Tinted Lip Bar (6 shades) which are a conditioning tinted lip bar plus their multitasking Carrot Colour Pots and Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tints. If is by far the brand with the most comprehensive selection.

Stepping overseas, from luxe to less, Kjaer Weis lipsticks are ideal choices for those with a penchant for luxury. They come packed in a luxe silver case and refills are available to reduce waste when it's time for a refill. They also have a Lip Tint in a pocket shiny compact that's refillable and a Gloss. For quality on a budget, you can't go past Lily Lolo, a UK natural makeup brand with their original lipsticks and their new vegan lipstick range all under $20 each. Whatever your shade and budget, pucker up with a healthy, toxin-free lipstick.