Nails & Toenails

Whether you're painting fingers or toes, a fabulous splash of colour can be achieved without the use of harsh chemical solvents. Nail Polish is one area in natural beauty where we haven't been able to achieve the perfect product that's 100% natural, however there are pioneers in the industry who have created 7-free and 10-free formulas that remove the most harmful lab derived ingredients from their formulas while still offering amazing colour coverage and performance.

From Ere Perez, a nail colour range in a 10-free formula that uses 85% vegetable origin ingredients, replacing the chemical solvents with food! This innovation has provided a high performance, intense gloss and long lasting polish. Kester Black gave us the first 10-free formula in Australia, the true pioneers of the space. Sienna Byron Bay have an extensive colour palette on offer, inspired by what's seen in nature. Sets are also available in colours to take you from day to night in a variety of inspired themes.

  1. $12.95

    A water based play nail polish that can easily be peeled off. Pink

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  2. $12.95

    A water based play nail polish that can easily be peeled off. Purple

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