Mindsharing Resources

There are hundreds of websites that enable you to actively practice Mindsharing or use crowdsourcing to improve your life. Here is a list of websites that appear in the book and other websites I find to be interesting and useful when crowdsourcing. Many of them also have an app for your smartphone so that you can Mindshare on the go.


General Q&A

quora.com The most interesting platform for Q&A
answers.yahoo.com Probably the first Q&A platform
www.ted.com/conversations Q&A around big ideas and big dreams
elderwisdomcircle.org Get confidential advice from Cyber-Grandparents on relationship, family or career


Hebrew platforms – פלטפורמות לחכמת המונים בעברית

facebook.com/groups עצות בנושא טיולים בחו"ל
askpeople.co.il פלטפורמה לשאלות ותשובות בעברית




glassdoor.com Jobs, salaries and interview question
quora.com/Resume-and-CV-writing Resume process planning
reddit.com/r/resumes Get crowdsourced feedback on your resume
fiverr.com/resumes-cover-lette Hire someone to write your resume/cover letter for 5$



patientslikeme.com A real time research platform and large network
crowdmed.com Solve the world’s most difficult medical cases
fold.it Help find a cure while playing a game called FoldIt
treato.com Patient intelligence based on real-life experiences



Travel and Fun

tripadvisor.com Trip planning
imdb.com Films and TV online database
eatwith.com Dine in homes around the world
yelp.com Find local businesses
airbnb.com Rent a place to stay from other people
waze.com Traffic and navigation app
studios.amazon.com Help create movies and TV series




kickstarter.com Fund a creative project
indiegogo.com Fund any project




99designs.com Get a design – from a logo to a book cover
designcrowd.com The same as above
istockphoto.com Stock photos, illustrations, video, and audio




wikipedia.org Well… we all know Wikipedia
reddit.com News and interesting stories




billguard.com Smartphone app to protect your credit cards
etoro.com A social investment network



Solve Business Problems

innocentive.com Solve problems by offering rewards
ideabounty.com Get or give a creative idea for business
utest.com Software testing
mturk.com Give a small task to a big crowd
g2crowd.com Business Software Crowdsourced Reviews




community.babycenter.com Get parenting advice from the crowd
fiverr.com & freelancer.com Crowdsourced marketplaces for services
namestation.com Get ideas for a new startup name
taskrabbit.com Hire help around the home
truecar.com See how much others paid for a car
audiodraft.com Crowdsourced audio and music production
stackoverflow.com A community of  programmers
glassdoor.com Find jobs and gain insights about companies
xprize.com Encourage technological development
globalcrowd.com US government intelligence forecasting
cci.mit.edu MIT center for collective intelligence
crowdsourcing.org Crowdsourcing industry news


Crowdsourcing in China

WeChat China's popular social network
Q&A Platform (similar to Quora)