The road to TED – part 6 – a few insights

Written by Lior Zoref Date 12/1/2012 Time 12:46



One of the most important things in the process I’m going through are the decisions what not to do.

When I was looking for examples which I will use to demonstrate the implications of crowd wisdom, and among others I thought about Kutiman.

If you don’t know him, Kutiman is an Israeli artist which uses video segments to create extraordinary music. I really like his work and I thought it would be a wonderful example of the use of crowd wisdom, since he takes a lot of music segments from people around the world and turns them into a masterpiece.

Here is his most famous piece:


I wrote this status and asked for your opinion.

In addition to all the compliments which he rightfully deserves, some of you wrote that it is not crowd wisdom since he is the brain behind the piece and not the crowd.

That is why I have decided to give up this part of the presentation. But, I’ve was fortunate enough to get meet Kutiman and appreciate his work even more.



Today I spoke with Prof. Dan Ariely, one of the noticeable Israelis who have presented in TED.

He was very nice to me and gave his advice towards my presentation.

One of his tips was to build the presentation thinking of the internet viewers, as much, and even more than the audience in the theatre. There will be 2,500 people in the theatre, but what is that compared to hundreds of thousands viewers online…

In any case, this is a great opportunity to showcase his presentation, so for those of you who haven’t seen it yet:


Today I got another insight on the use of crowd wisdom.

A week ago I asked your assistance in choosing the photo I have to send TED’s team for a poster they are printing for each of the presenters.

My question was pretty simple, which photo of the 8 options should I choose?


My question was which photo to choose, but the answers I got were much wider.

Many have offered ideas to make my photo more impressive.

Among all of them, the proposition by Yaniv Katan, who has offered that I replace all the small circles around me with the profile photos of the people who have helped me build this presentation.

That’s the beauty of crowd wisdom – when people are asked to think, they do not limit themselves to the exact question asked. They think out of the box and offer much greater ideas than the question itself.

Here is the result:


(Link to the comments, link to a high-res version)

Thanks a lotto Meir Pinto the talented photographer, Yaniv Katan for the idea, Maor Chen and Shay Sapir from Eucalyptus for the graphic help.

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